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This house is traditional Japanese house and there are in a quiet atmosphere. About a little less than ten minutes walk from Keihan Sanjo Station. Close to the downtown of Sanjo, or Okazaki, Higashiyama.

Address, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Atama-machi address 346
10-minute walk from the subway – Keihan Sanjo Keihan Station

Oneday Price: ¥34,000/Day
Weekly Price: ¥214,200 /Week
(10% Off)
Monthly Price: Ask your request
Cleaning Fee: ¥4,000Minimum stay 3 night

Amenities and facilities
air conditioning
washing machine
wireless Internet
gas stove
oven toaster
coffee maker
rice cookers
water purifier
built-in dishwasher
various tableware
chair × 4
Floor heating
fixed telephone (emergency)
Futon set × 2
shelf for luggage purse
× 2 (Front room)
Bathroom, toilet
laundry dryer
ironing board


Was built in the Meiji era, it is traditional Kyomachi-ya.
At a distance within walking distance to downtown, close to the Okazaki, is located in the convenient location.
In Japan, in order to operate as accommodation, The property is under the guidance of Kyoto, has promoted a variety of inspection and procedures.
Building Standards Act and, compliance with fire laws, get the hotel business permit, as a result of fart procedures, such as, can be safe and peace of mind, as a guest house of traditional Kyomachi-ya, available to our facility. Firefighting equipment, etc. inspected Letters from Sakyo Fire Department, from the Kyoto City has been officially granted the hotel business permit.
This was built in the Meiji era Kyomachi-ya has now also left heavily vestiges of the time. It is a feature of the Kyomachi-ya, you can see the Mushikagomado and out grid. Dirt floor of the building at that time was not exist, we are currently being renovated to become water around the floor, such as kitchen and bath.

 Summer and replaced the interior of the bran to Sudareto (made with reed fittings) is to, well the ventilation of the entire building, severe Kyoto of the rich seasonal summer, you can spend comfortably.
 Kitchen, washing machine, also because the available equipment, such as a dryer, you can have a long-term stay is also comfortable.
Tableware and cooking utensils, we have also prepared such as cleaning tools.
Bath towel and towels, etc., also are available here.

Optional plan bicycle rental also we are performing. It is possible to use a mountain bike and city bike, please tell on the occasion of your request to the owner. · Sukiyaki party there are ready to do take such as the owner presided. And what about the memories making.

Guest of the entrance range

We offer only the first floor as a guest house.
The entrance to the stairs leading to the second floor will Yes to lock. Please note.
Back door please do not except emergency to use.

Exchanges with guest

In case of emergency, it is possible to become apologize for the phone to mobile phone, owners and contact will take.
The owner can speak English.
As AC, the other, if there is a request, the owner will welcome in sukiyaki and takoyaki.


Okazaki district is nearby.
Okazaki district, Heian Shrine and Okazaki Park, Museum, and Zoo.
If you go further east, Kurotani’s (Konkaikōmyō-ji) and, Eikan-do Zenrinji, there are many temples such as Nanzenji.
A little far away, it takes about 15 minutes on foot, but there are Imperial Palace if recommended in the northwest.
Proceeding to the west, and Kyoto City Hall.
In addition, downtown of Sanjo also nearby, restaurants and coffee shops, no shortage in the game hall. Pontocho also close, why not feed at night to Sanjo?

Foot of movement

The nearest bus stop, you can arrive within a 10-minute walk Keihan station, until the Kyoto municipal subway station, it is a good place very transport links.
New Aino-cho, Nijo Station, is a small number of buses, but you can go to, such as Ginkakuji.
Higashiyama Nijo Okazaki park opening station, Masu Mari various bus stops. If you want to go to Kyoto Station Let’s go in here.
Train is also close.
The nearest station is the Kyoto City Subway “Sanjo Keihan” station.
In addition, also near Keihan “Sanjo” station, you can go out in comfort in Osaka.

Other Notices

And stairs leading to the second floor of the property, closet dining, Buddhist altar room of the bedroom I have been prohibited from opening and closing the-spot.
Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation.

House rules

 Carefully read our facility installation manual, please use the various facilities.

 For safety reasons, The property has become Central (hotel, garden) and completely non smoking.
 Also, use of fire, such as candles and stove please refrain.
In order to protect the old houses that tradition, please observe the whether strictly this rule.
 All of home appliances, lighting (except for emergency lights), please be sure that you always turn off the switch of gas equipment.
 Also, when you leave the house, please go be sure to tighten the main cock of gas.
Fire, because of the event of a disaster such as an earthquake safety.
 The property is a traditional Kyomachi-ya.
Please refrain from use of the remains was wearing shoes.
Thank you for consideration of the local residents.
In the mansion outside the night after 10:00, so that it Kudasaru dropped the voice, thank you.Party etc .. it has been prohibited.
In addition, our facility of back door (the back door) is, for the consideration of the neighborhood residents, is we have been with the use prohibition other than emergency.

Safety equipment

Smoke detector
carbon monoxide detector
first aid kit
safety card

  In Kyoto of material , enjoy Kyoto-style cuisine
  Was caught in Kyoto Ohara and its suburbs rural, Many restaurants in Kyoto are dealing with only seasonal vegetables. Low pesticides and, you sequence also made ​​the vegetables in an organic pesticide-free. Shipment every morning. So fresh,

it’s fine! “Obanzai” is, by the usual side dishes that common people of Kyoto are eating on a daily, using seasonal ingredients, it’s many items that are made ​​without the hassle. For generations inherited as taste of each household, Obanzai has been popular, the food culture that it can be said that just was nurtured in Kyoto history and culture. Simple taste utilizing the taste of the original material has is, is characterized by seasoning of diluted never get tired to eat every day, make precisely because local people who knows that material, even while maintaining a conservative frugal image It is the cuisine.

The tourist spot of Kyoto , it is around by bicycle

Labor Kyoto tourism … waiting and transfer by bus or subway, fed up with the large number of people. But bicycle movement, breeze in the waiting time knowing-transfer knowing! Small streets and the Machiya, such as not to pass through usually lined, such as stylish cafes that are not listed in the guide book, and be able also to discover your own Kyoto?

And over the antique connoisseur , antique market explore

 Is another of the street that bears the climax of the “Imperial Palace South” neighborhood, antique heaven “sister alley communication”. In the street of the east and west, which corresponds to the sister of Heian-kyo alley, such as gas lamps have been installed in various places of the road, but Mai not historic Tata It is maintained. Of the total length of about 3.5 km, it is several hundred meters attractions from teramachi street to Karasuma communication.

Town Kyoto old city of (position). City Standing in the precincts of temples and shrines, blue sky fair lined and fresh vegetables and specialty products from antique, household goods is, as it’s melted into daily life for the Kyoto people, is not written even now. Where you can meet the interesting things that do not meet only, you can buy those lucky enough to want to have the price of unprecedented, surely, there is a nice encounter seems to Kyoto. Incidentally Kyoto travel, on the day of good weather, hey why not extend the leg?

” Hello, is Takagishi! “

Kyoto, in addition to the historical temples and shrines, also there are still many streets traditional Machiya lined. In addition, worldwide Kyoto as a great tourist city, has come to be evaluated. Meanwhile, accommodation for foreigners to come to sightseeing in Kyoto is insufficient, there is a status quo that.
Of Japan, and the tourism internationalization of Kyoto or not be something help at the level of our citizens, we have sought to be or not be able to re-use of Kyomachi-ya that is a vacant house for that. And, we have been promoting the reuse of as accommodation of Machiya. The property and its staff of experienced, Japan, and if familiar help for the promotion and activation of international tourism of Kyoto, it is fortunate.
Kyoto, Machiya network representative Takagishi Masanori

Kyoto simple accommodation business license